Against the backdrop of arguably the most turbulent business environment in recent times, leasing insurance specialist, Acquis, is managing to weather the storm by supporting two clients to launch equipment insurance programmes in different European territories.

Acquis is working with PEAC Finance in France to deliver finance equipment insurance programmes which are designed to track insurance on their leased assets, reduce risks and improve revenue. In the Netherlands, Acquis is supporting abcfinance to launch a point of sale solution which will enable them to offer an added value service to their business customers to protect leased equipment with highest quality insurance.

Nick Leader, Acquis CEO, comments: “We’ve always been focussed on developing close working partnerships with our clients and it’s when the market gets tough that the importance of this is brought into sharp focus. Thanks to our excellent business development and client management teams, we’ve been able to continue uninterrupted support for our clients throughout the coronavirus pandemic and have been in a strong position to support client plans for growth as the market starts to recover. We are really excited to be launching new programmes with PEAC and abcfinance and are already achieving positive volumes above our original expectations.”